13/09/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT A great turnout for our first meeting back at RFVM for the start of our 61st season, and my first meeting as the new CHAIR.
We welcomed 7 new people who came along for the popular "Introduction to film making course", which starts in earnest next week, and will be led this year by RFVM member Daniel.  Each gave us a brief introduction and their reasons for attending the course. An interesting mix of goals ranging from a desire to create good Wildlife, Political, Environmental  and Fiction films.  Later, and by means of demonstrating to them what WE as a club can achieve, we collectively enjoyed half and hour viewing past club projects, with a good laugh (and a few cringes!).   The members were told of the generous donation from  Wokingham Choral Society of £150 for a short film which was made of them "In Rehearsals" for use on their website, which a 4 crew team worked on during the summer. A different 4 crew team also now agreed last night for filming an up coming live event in October for the Russell Players, who will donate £100 to RFVM.    Anne Massey

20/09/2017 An impressive display of equipment was set up by members and each piece had a brief explanation about how it is used. Meanwhile Dan discussed cameras and camera-craft with the students. Plenty of time for social chat.
Chas explains his gadget Dave with his 4K camera and steadycams

Dave with his array of field monitors and his main camera Eric demonstrates his steadycam kit