21/02/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. We had 5 entries for our annual Documentary Film Competition last night, mostly 10-15mins long, so a full evening, including critique. We learned about a Battle filmed around Gun Street in Reading, then a Grand Designs style film of an extension, an annual gathering of fans of "The Prisoner" in Portmeirion, and a separate gathering of comic characters in Reading. The winner was Jim with his film about The Suffragettes commemorating 100 years since women got the vote, but showing a different side to some of them. Two films (Womens Suffrage + In The Village (the Prisoner)) were nominated as entries for the Stan Olman award by Tom and Anthony. Anne
Summary Stills are available
Jim receives the Gear mini shield from Anne

14/02/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. "It feels like Heaven to me".   We got another couple of scenes in the bag last night, as we set up in the hall with white blankets as a backdrop, and our talent dressed to play their part in another part of Anthony's script "Second Chance". Tomorrow night, we'll be shooting outdoors in a car park for the opening and closing scenes of the same film. (Hoping for dry weather!). BIG thanks for the whole team who turned out last night to make this happen. Lots of sharing of equipments to get the best footage we  can. Anne
Krzys,    Michael, Gabi, Chas, Rick and Tom filming the scene Anne directing actors in the scene

07/02/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. It was wonderful to have our "Caversham Cup" 1 minute film competition so well supported this evening with 11 entries, ranging from fiction, to adverts and days out.
The "Burke Trophy" for Novice filmmakers followed, with a further 4 entries including 2 fiction stories, and filming of a live band.  With so many entrants, we were struggling to find 2 members to offer critique amongst those not entering! Myself and Roger, offered feedback but concluded that no one film stood out as a Stan Olman Trophy nomination on this occasion.   A big thanks to all film authors and their teams for all the hard work put into the film making. A very enjoyable evening. Anne
Summary stills for the Burke Competition are available, also for the Caversham cup competition.
JIm recieves the Caversham mini shield from Anne Anne gives Sophie the Burke mini shield

31/01/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. Something a bit different last night. Local short story writer Brenda Martin presented to us and gave us some good tips on how to develop a character, and then how to build a story. We worked in groups, so a very interactive evening. The hope was that a few people who have never written a script before, might now feel able to at least have as go. And for a few members who have written scripts, some good ideas of how to keep the plot interesting. Anne
Last Monday and Tuesday, Tony, Richard and David Goddard filmed the Reading School Year 7 concerts.
Anne presented Btenda with flowers after her talk on writing stories

24/01/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. In our annual Holiday video competition and we travelled from Paris to Iceland and Italy. Dave's Iceland film, shot using SloMo,  was really interesting to watch the waterfalls and geysers slowed down. But with just 3 entries, I reiterated that to support this competition members can also include films of "Days Out".  This hopefully means that next year, those who don't manage a holiday, (or don't take their video camera on  holiday), can consider entering a film of a day out in the UK. After all, some "holiday" films are simply just one day of that holiday, visiting a particular town/site.  Our critiques tonight were Mike and Jonathan.
To finish, we watched a couple of short tutorial films, from youtube, one explaining the history of frame rates, the other about using timecodes for syncing audio/footage.  Thanks goodness we don't all need to be techies!! Anne
Some Competition film summary stills are available.
Anne receiving the Ward mini shield from Mike

17/01/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. Our  ambitious two part project continued at South Hill Park, Bracknell.  Working with a detailed shot list,  very much out of sequence, we had a really good chance of getting it finished. Just a shame that the local traffic came to a stand still causing several of our actors, and essential props, to arrive about 90 mins late. (For the second time this season!) Needless to say, we did not complete our project and now need to come up with a plan to find a suitable time and location, to finalise it. Anne
Mary, Roger and Sophie preparing to film Pete's resuscitation Athony paints the bullet hole while others watch

10/01/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. It was the first of an ambitious two part project last night to be filmed in a room we had hired at South Hill Park, Bracknell. After necessary furniture rearranging, prop set up etc, setting up all the cameras, lights, and microphones, we finally got filming. The actors had all done a brilliant job with their costumes and props and thankfully were all very patient as one by one we ticked off the shot list. The pressure now on to get the film finished next week before we lose our venue. Eeek! Anne
Thomas, Sophie and Anne during filming Thomas, Anne and Brian with his jar of Egyptian sand
Sophie, Chas, Samreen and Karen during filming
Tony and Richard filmed the Twyford pantomime Dick Wittington on Saturday with David Goddard who does the editing.

13/12/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. A late change of plan tonight as our guest unfortunately was unwell.  We had scheduled an evening of filming small animals.  Instead we spent another useful evening contributing ideas towards finalising Anthony's script for filming in the new year.  A few groups rehearsed their lines whilst others filmed them. Anne
Chas and helpers filmed the Queen Tribute Band event on Saturday using 6 cameras.

20/12/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. A fun end to the first half of our season, with two quizzes and some jokes from Oli and Anne. As we enjoyed some drinks and nibbles, a surprise visit from Bernard, our President, who has not been along to RFVM yet this season. Very nice to see him and at almost 95 he is amazing! Anne

06/12/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. Congratulations to Leon and his team who won our Diamond anniversary film challenge with their production called "Diamond Dog". Our guests and IAC judges Dave and Jan Watterson, who had seen the films ahead of time,  offered critique after each film was screened, and also very kindly provided a written review to each author too. Great job Dave and Jan!   The films were all fiction shorts filmed in a variety of ways either indoors, outdoors, green screened, and also animations. All very entertaining. The entertainment continued as Dave and Jan shared some of their favourite films seen at International Festivals this past year.  We were all inspired by the ideas and talent of all those films too.
Karen was presented with an engraved tankard with our thanks from the club, marking the end of her term as Chair, as she stood down at the end of last season. It was Karen who set the Diamond Anniversary Challenge, as she had led the club into it's 60th year. Anne.
Leon with Dave and Jan and his certificate for winning the  60 second Diamond Challenge Karen receives a tankard from Anne for her time as Chair

29/11/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. 25 of our members gathered last night to discuss further planning for this season's club production to be filmed in early January, over 2 nights. A room at South Hill Park, Bracknell, will become "The Connoisseur Club".
The script was read through, then it became a very interactive evening with plenty of suggestions as to how this ambitious script, written by Anthony, can become reality. Roles were allocated to ensure that as many of the club who want to, will be included in this fun project.
Meanwhile, in the smaller hall, David and Krzys did a great job of installing our new speaker system, in time for our next competition night next week. Thanks guys! Anne
Members discussing Anthony's script

22/11/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. A tremendous 9 entries for last night's Summer Projects Team films, for the Grosvenor Trophy. Mostly short fiction or action films, but also a live event (Woodley Carnival), and a website promotional film for Wokingham Choral Society, who generously donated £150 to the club for the production of the film.  A couple of new critiques last night in Oli and Michael, who after delivering feedback on each film chose "The Bench" as a Stan Olman nomination for originality.  The members vote resulted in joint 3rd place for 3 films, 2nd place to "The Choir", and first place to "The Bench".   I was personally delighted to receive the trophy which Michael, one of the judges  presented to me. A BIG team effort though, and only afterwards thought we should have got the whole team included in the photo! So, my thanks to Brian, Leon and Dave for their excellent camerawork including drone, and time lapse sequence. Anne
Winning films summary stills are available
Michael presenting Anne with the shield. Leon and Brian are also in the audience on the right

15/11/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. The show must go on!  Despite horrendous traffic problems in Reading last night, a few of us made it to the club whilst others gave up and turned back home.  Our challenge -  to film telling a story through close ups.  Oli and Jim Directed one team, and Gabi (who only managed to arrive just before tea break!) directed a second group. Clever editing now required, and all a bit rushed in the end. Thankfully the traffic had cleared for our return journey home. Anne
Roger, Jonathon, David watching the filming of Anne and Anthony in their card game Oli, Chas and Jim filming a card game David, Anne and Gabi capturing close ups

08/11/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. What an excellent evening!  We had 13 entries for our first competition of the season, our annual 4 mins competition for the Currie Cup.   The films ranged from Travel, animation, fiction, documentary and live events. Laurie and Mary gave feedback, and also selected 2 films as outstanding for technical ability and innovation, therefore qualifying as contenders for our "Stan Olman" trophy.  Both were produced by new member Jim, who also took the trophy for the evening with his film  "Making a difference", a documentary about The Hawk Conservancy Trust. Congratulations Jim. 2nd place went to Leon and crew for their "Diamond Dog" comedy short, and 3rd place went to "Applecross", a short travel film by myself.  A big thanks to ALL the filmmakers for such an entertaining evening. Anne
Summary stills of thw winning films are available.
Jim revieves the Currie Cup mini shield from Anne

01/11/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. We have a number of Competition night's at RFVM over the course of our season, but tonight was an evening of non-competitive member's films, not about scoring, simply enjoying a selection of short films offering plenty of variety. We kicked off with some edits from last week's Greenscreen scripts which went down well, as both were comedy sketches. Interesting in  particular to see two different edits using the same footage.  We also saw an edit from our "interview" evening a few weeks back, also a comedy sketch.   Since we have several newer members over the last 2 years, we also revisited 3 films made by members which were specially made to "Introduce themselves" to the club, a bit of background about themselves. These 3 min films help us to get to know each other a bit better. An AV up next, then a couple of short live event edits, followed by a few short fictional Action films. Thanks to all the contributors for a very entertaining evening.  Anne

29/10/2017 On Friday Brian and Tony attended the Gateway competition hosted by Staines. There was a technical problem reading one film off a bluRay disc, so it was agreed that it could be viewed online and the judgements emailed to Tim over the weekend. The final results are as shown below:

  2 2 4
2   3 5
STAINES To Eleanor... - Tim & Martine Stannard
3 3   6
3   2 5
STAINES SONNING - Geoff Rippingale
2 2   4
BOURNE END MOSAIC - Geoff Bourne team
  3 3 6
2 2   4
  3 3 6
3   2 5
OPEN 6 5 4
TOTALS 16 15 14
JUDGES   Brian Hibbitt
Tony Colvile

25/10/2017 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT. Due to a late postponement of our planned guest speaker, we decided instead to set up for a greenscreen evening. With not too much time to plan, a couple of short scripts were filmed, whilst several people recorded the footage to allow for some greenscreen editing practice at home The 2 scripts will be set into a backdrop of  under the sea, and also a kitchen/diner which involves serving of chocolate moose ...... with a difference. Anne
Members filming a mouse course Filming Gabi in  a moose outfit
Gabi having fun in the moose outfit Harry with Mark setting his camera while waiting his turn with the green screen
Members filming a different script

18/10/2017 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT - Guest speaker Alan Colgrave  joined us this evening. Alan has won awards at International Level for his own amateur fiction films, and is also a BIAFF judge.  He had decades of experience as a news cameraman in Eastern Block countries , and now draws on some of his experiences to write  and direct short film scripts, some of course with a dark message. These were interspersed however with a few gems of short comedy films. During our break Alan answered questions from some newer members, pictured here. A very enjoyable evening.
Alan with some course students during tea break
Tony, Dave and Chas filmed the Swallowfield Old Tyme Music hall performance which included supper on Friday.
Chas with cameras during the interval supper.

11/10/2017 Anne, Brian, Laurie and Tony attended the Surrey Border interclub competition (4 club entries) on Friday. Our film did not win. Tony helped David Goddard film the Twyford play Mort on Saturday, and Tony attended the Swallowfield Music Hall rehearsal on Sunday to assess camera/mic positions etc. for filming next Friday.
Chas ready for interview watched by students and members
Students and members including a late course joiner practiced lighting arrangements and interviewing techniques last night. Four groups were involved.
Anthony and Krzys being filmed by Dave with his elaborate lighting and mic setup Chas and Mark with his lighting setup

04/10/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT - Our programme last night was a "Planning Meeting" to discuss ideas for a Production which will include the whole club. It will be filmed in the New Year, over 2 evenings, at South Hill Park in Bracknell. It proved to be very successful, with around 20 members taking part, with lively, enthusiastic ideas from no fewer than 5 members, whilst others chipping in further thoughts to build on the basic script ideas. ALL ideas had potential, so they may ALL be made into a short film in time. We are so lucky to have a bank of script writers amongst  us!   We voted to go for a comedy, and one of Anthony's ideas was chosen. He will now work on his script over the next month or so. Sounds like a lot of fun to make.
We also did some other planning for an upcoming practical evening in November, planned by Chas, for 3 or 4 groups to film a Card Game, with  a short script to keep  it interesting.
The 10 new members attending our Beginners course, separately concentrated on the subject of Editing in the small hall with Daniel. We joined the group for tea break, then again later as we all squeezed in to join them for the last 10 minutes to watch a short film supplied by Mark,  which demonstrated a filming style which used different POV to tell the story. Very interesting idea, and food for thought for our script writers.   Anne
Members and students waiting for the projectionist

27/09/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT We welcomed yet more new budding film makers last night for week 3 of our 8 week course.  All full of enthusiasm and ideas, which is what every club needs to keep lively!  Last night's practical challenge was to replicate some shots from a favourite film scene. Whilst Daniel led the course members who concentrated on lighting for dramatic effect, another team used a smoke machine to add impact for their short piece. It got a bit foggy in the hall!  A long dolly track was set up for others in the larger hall to practice a technique of zooming OUT, whilst you dolly towards your talent, the goal to have their head the same size at the beginning and the end of the tracking shot. Not easy! We look forward to sharing the results of our efforts, and I am sure that everyone learned something from the exercise.
And a surprise for me as Laurie presented me with the Penny Cup Competition Best Drama award for the film made with my team last summer "The Gift of Love". Anne
Laurie presented Anne with Best Drama shield Shield and certificate Dave, Chas, Roger, Brian and Andy trying tracking/zoom shot


20/09/2017 An impressive display of equipment was set up by members and each piece had a brief explanation about how it is used. Meanwhile Dan discussed cameras and camera-craft with the students. Plenty of time for social chat.
Chas explains his gadget Dave with his 4K camera and steadycams

Dave with his array of field monitors and his main camera Eric demonstrates his steadycam kit

13/09/2017 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT A great turnout for our first meeting back at RFVM for the start of our 61st season, and my first meeting as the new CHAIR.
We welcomed 7 new people who came along for the popular "Introduction to film making course", which starts in earnest next week, and will be led this year by RFVM member Daniel.  Each gave us a brief introduction and their reasons for attending the course. An interesting mix of goals ranging from a desire to create good Wildlife, Political, Environmental  and Fiction films.  Later, and by means of demonstrating to them what WE as a club can achieve, we collectively enjoyed half and hour viewing past club projects, with a good laugh (and a few cringes!).   The members were told of the generous donation from  Wokingham Choral Society of £150 for a short film which was made of them "In Rehearsals" for use on their website, which a 4 crew team worked on during the summer. A different 4 crew team also now agreed last night for filming an up coming live event in October for the Russell Players, who will donate £100 to RFVM.    Anne Massey